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THE PULL OF THE STARS (2024). My adaptation of my 2020 novel was commissioned by Gate Theatre Dublin.

Cast: seven women.




The world premiere of The Pull of the Stars was directed by Louise Lowe and ran April-May 2024 at Gate Theatre Dublin.


'Faultless, stellar production that tears your heart out' - Sunday Independent

'This fascinating show gets up to its elbows, literally, in the messy process of bringing forth new life ... a whirlwind of action and tension. The sheer intimacy is powerful, both awful and awesome. ... This is a powerful side-room version of Ireland's foundation story: compelling, rewarding and eye-opening.' - Irish Independent

'A busy chamber piece swollen with righteous anger ... few will emerge unmoved or uninterested ... surges with such unapologetic sincerity and informed compassion' - Irish Times

'A neatly structured tale of forced proximity that explores the class and gender dynamics of early 20th-century Ireland.... intense physical drama ... rich emotional texture as the play's tone shifts from comic to tragic ... a poignant and unsentimental portrait of a world where fleeting moments of tenderness yield little consolation for physical and emotional pain.' - Financial Times

'What shines through, especially in the fine, committed performances, is a passionate urge for a better, fairer society.' - Guardian

'[Donoghue] makes a comfortable return to the stage, in one of the best pieces of new Irish theatre for some time. ... Donoghue is a master of intertwining social stories by creating complete and courageous female characters.' - No More Workhorse

'Enjoyable and exciting, a burlesque of flaring fireworks ... a lot to admire' - The Arts Review