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Kissing the Witch (2000). 

My third full-length play, an adaptation of five of the thirteen stories from my fairy-tale book of the same name (1997), was commissioned by San Francisco's Magic Theatre. 

Cast: three women, one man.


Kissing the Witch at the Magic Theatre, photo (c) Thor Swift, 2000


Kissing the Witch is published in Emma Donoghue: Selected Plays (London: Oberon Books, 2015).



Magic Theatre, San Francisco, directed by Kent Nicholson, 2-25 June 2000. (World Premiere)

University of Akron, Ohio, directed by Rebecca P. Vojanov, 2000.

HAG Theatre, Buffalo, directed by Margaret Smith, 9-24 February 2001.

Suisun Harbor Theatre, California, directed by Jackie S. Hill, produced by SCT, 14-23 June 2001.

Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto, directed by Elley Ray Hennessy, produced by Wicked Women Co-op (BANG! Productions), 14-31 March 2002. (Canadian Premiere)

Access Theatre, NYC, directed by Marcus Geduld, Folding Chair theatre, 4-28 October 2012. (NYC Premiere)

Ubiquitous Theater, Ypsilanti Michigan, April 19-21 2018.

The Corps Ensemble, Dublin, 29 October - 9 November 2019 (European Premiere).


 Poster, Folding Chair Theatre, 2012


'Clever entertainments... Donoghue's sheer psychological intelligence and inventive language takes centre stage... The show captures the celebratory and riotous, fun aspects of feminism.' - Irish Independent

'Women's lives flow together in Donoghue's fantasia. ... The glittering blade of Donoghue's language remains the show's strongest instrument. Smart, cynical aphorisms glitter brightly; so do innocent bits of wonder.' - SFgate.com



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 Katy Hayes, 'Kissing the Witch: Stylish Production Makes Feminist Fairytales a Lot of Fun', Irish Independent, 2 November 2019.